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Every child has those foods they just won't eat. Did you know that at age 18 months children begin to have preferences in what they eat and at age two, a child will cut the number of foods they accept in half! But if these changes and food preferences cause stress during mealtime or difficulty gaining or maintaining weight, this could indicate a feeding problem. Feeding therapy can also help with: weaning feeding tubes, managing use of thickened liquids, managing coughing or gagging during meals. Please see concerning feeding behaviors below and contact for a screening and to see if therapy is appropriate. 

Childhood Feeding

13-18 months

  • difficulty gaining/maintaining weight

  • coughing/chocking/gagging

  • limited food variety; picky eating

  • difficulty with table foods

  • "stuck" on purees or other soft foods

  • cannot use a cup or straw (only bottle)

  • refuses to touch foods, does not want to be messy

  • needs to be distracted to eat

  • refuses to eat at the table

Feeding the Toddler

18 months +​

  • previously listed and...

  • limited food variety (less than 30 foods)

  • preference for certain types of foods (color, brand, size, shape, texture)

  • adverse mealtime behaviors

  • eating is stressful to child and caregiver

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