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Infant Feeding

Eating is one of the first things a baby does after being born. Sometimes it does not come so easily. If you have concerns for your child's eating, weight gain or your pediatrician has recommended treatment, please contact us and we can provide a screening to see if your baby would benefit from feeding therapy. Below are some infant feeding concerns: 

0-6 months

  • too slow or too fast bottle feeding

  • chronic constipation/diarrhea

  • coughing/chocking/gagging

  • difficulty gaining/maintaining weight

  • feeding tube dependence 

  • crying with eating

  • falls asleep before finishing eating frequently/needs to be woken up to eat

  • feeding time is stressful for parent or baby

Newborn Baby
Happy Baby

6-9 months; previously listed +

  • won't accept or has difficulty with purees​ (gagging, choking)

  • difficulty with more solid foods once purees are mastered

  • does not like the hands or face being touched

  • only eats certain foods

  • upset with being in a high chair

  • upset with messy hands of face

9-12 months; previously listed +

  • gags on solid foods

  • refuses food

  • does not chew (straight swallow)

  • pockets or holds food in the cheeks

  • will not touch foods

  • upset by being messy

  • picky eating

  • gets "special" food from what the family is eating

Baby with Toys
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