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Occupational Therapist OTR/L

Leaps and Sounds Pediatric Rehabilitation is a non-profit pediatric outpatient rehabilitation clinic which serves children 0-21. We are located in the heart of Geauga county on The Chardon Square. Our organization was founded and continues to be operated by a speech-language pathologist which means the focus is on the therapists and the children we serve; not big-business. As a small organization, we can maximize our positive effects on the community and build an excellent program for our employees. With no red tape to fight, we can focus on what matters.  Currently we offer comprehensive speech-language services as well as feeding therapy. At this time, we are looking to expand our clinic to better support the needs of our current families and the community by adding Occupational Therapy.  


The Clinic: Our clinic works off the medical model, meaning children come 30-45 minutes per session, generally 1-2x/week. Their caregivers are engaged and present in the sessions and take an active role to collaborate in the treatments and home programming. Through this joint-effort and one-on-one intervention, our therapists can really see the impact they are making as evidenced by skills growth. We do our own evaluations and are not restricted to the rules that are common with the county or school systems (ie. IEPs). Each therapist has their own private office and access to a shared sensory gym and a library of games and materials. All clinical tools are paid for by the clinic and our director is always open to expanding upon materials.To learn more about our clinic, please visit


Program Development: We are looking for a licensed and independent Occupational Therapist. We do not currently have an OT or an OT program, so this person must be motivated to develop and grow a program. While the idea of guiding the development of an OT program may be daunting, the benefit is that the hired therapist will have full control to build a program that caters to their interest and request specific materials to support the type of therapy they want to focus on. The hired therapist will also be making requests/recommendations for specific formal assessments needed. 


Billing: The candidate must have some experience or basic knowledge of OT specific billing and diagnosis codes. We do all of our billing in house, so the hired therapist will not be responsible for doing their own billing or following up on claims, but they will need to know how to appropriately code diagnoses and apply codes to accurately indicate units provided. Almost all of our children use their insurance benefits to have access to services, so getting reimbursed for services is a must to keep us going! 


Flexible Start: The start date and number of hours desired are flexible. We are looking to add OT as a service and for the right candidate, we can make the position suite them and then the program can grow as needed. The hired therapist will need to be credentialed with insurance, which can take 30-90 days; unless they are already credentialed which shortens this time frame. Should a candidate wish to finish their current school year, or contract, etc., we are more than willing to delay the start date to accommodate our credentialing needs with their transitional needs. We are flexible for full time or part time, depending on the desired candidate’s needs. But, this position will grow to be full-time as we already have an OT waitlist and feeding caseload. 




  • No weekends, no holidays, no on-call. Appointments are scheduled/planned in advance.

  • Full time: 4, 10 hour days, Part-time: 2, 10 hour days. Position can start part time and grow to be full time if desired. 

  • Paid 1 hour lunch break (i.e paid for 40 hours/week with only 36 schedulable hours; paid 20 hours with only 18 schedulable hours, etc.)

  • 8am-6pm

  • Flexible day off: move your day off at your choosing to make long weekends, long holiday breaks, personal time off without using PTO.

  • Seven paid holidays

  • Additional PTO given upon start date.

  • Flexible schedule: The expectation is to be in-clinic only when there are patients scheduled, when paperwork is outstanding or meetings are scheduled. Work-life balance is a high priority to our organization.

  • No meetings scheduled or take-home documentation outside of clinical hours.

  • Documentation is 100% electronic in an EMR (Fusion), which is very user friendly and speedy.




  • Salaried position with W-2: not based on hours worked, treatments provided or patient attendance (67% productivity expectation).

  • Minimum base-salary for full-time: $66,560.00 (or $32.00/hour)

  • Paid CEUs via annually; additional specialty courses on request. 

  • Paid AOTA and Ohio State license upon 6+ month employment

  • High-priority to develop a therapist's interests/specialties and provide access to appropriate CEU courses and fund program development.

  • Highly collaborative environment with years of experience for mentorship and support in pediatrics

  • Each therapist has a private office/treatment room they can personalize and store their own materials

  • Massive shared resource room with: games, materials formal assessments, toys, sensory gym

  • Flexible budget to acquire desired therapy materials upon request

  • Paid liability insurance

  • Freedom to develop and guide treatment based on clinical-opinion

  • Non-profit status allows access to Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) plan after certain employment requirements are met


Population Served:


  • ages: birth-21

  • Any diagnosis in the scope of practice for occupational therapy: (i.e. fine motor, sensory integration, visual perception, feeding problems, upper extremity ROM/strength/coordination, executive function, emotional regulation, etc.)

  • Children typically may have general developmental delays or can be more medically involved including genetic syndromes, congenital abnormalities, seizure disorders, various injuries/illnesses, neurodiversity

  • Mild-profound severity

  • There is an excellent clinical mix with a diverse caseload.




  • Pediatric experience required

  • Must have feeding experience or a desire to learn. There is an active feeding caseload that needs OT integration. 

  • Master’s or Doctoral degree in Occupational Therapy

  • Must be independently licensed and not require supervision

  • Active Ohio state license and national license (OTR/L)

  • Desire to actively engage in a highly collaborative environment, enjoy engaging with coworkers and be an effective supporting team member

  • Motivated to develop, guide, lead and cultivate an OT program

  • Must have some experience or knowledge in OT billing codes and diagnosis codes 

  • Those who may already be credentialed with insurance are a plus and can have a more immediate start date!


If you are interested in applying or have more questions, please email our director, Jessica, at

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