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Quality Time



  • parent presence: a caregiver is encouraged to be present during their child's therapy so they can learn the intervention strategies and be an active team member to collaborate on goals and activities. It is also a great opportunity to learn how to specifically coach your child on therapy techniques at home.  A caregiver must be an adult, who is 18 or older. Caregivers must remain on site for the duration of the session and not leave for alternative business or activities. 

  • parking: There is free parking directly in front of the clinic building and on The Square. At times, there are events on The Square and parking may be limited and traffic is heavy. You are welcome to also park behind the building in the back lot. But we ask that you still walk around to the main lobby and DO NOT enter through the back staff entrance. 

  • illness: ​ We get it, kids get sick. You get sick. Siblings get sick. If your child or a member of your family is sick, please call to cancel, reschedule or change to telehealth. Children and/or caregivers who arrive with a fever, excessive runny nose/cough, vomiting, diarrhea or any other signs and symptoms of contagious illness will be asked to leave. We ask that children be symptom free for 24 hours before returning. 

  • siblings: ​ We understand that you may need to bring a sibling to your child's session. When bringing a sibling, please ensure they remain in the treatment room and do not distract from the session. Siblings will be asked to not play on sensory gym equipment when other children are present to reduce the risk of play-ground accidents and wear and tear on the equipment. 

  • sensory gym: Our sensory gym is incredibly fun! But it is also a place that we provide intervention. As such, we ask that siblings and caregivers do not use the sensory gym as a waiting room or play room while the working sibling is in their session. Children must be supervised at all times by a member of staff when entering the Sensory Gym. 

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